RMS 57.64 +.04 JLK 127.65 +.20 PKM 29.64 -.11 JL 68.07 +.61 JD 30.39 +.37 ALH 23.71 -.12 PLB 89.33 +.14 VMB 28.83 +.12 PHL 86.64 +.48 VAE 14.63 -.34 NWR 34.58 +.43


For over 20 years, the investment professionals at Shepherd Financial Partners have drawn from their life experiences as entrepreneurs, homeowners, parents, caregivers and community volunteers to shape our firm's philosophy and values.

We continue to grow in this tradition: by listening, understanding and responding to the needs of our clients' busy lives.

The focus of our wealth management practice is to provide individualized, personal attention to our clients. All services including portfolio management are customized according to your specific needs and investment decisions originate from our dedicated asset management professionals. We manage individual, family and foundation accounts.

We are committed to the stewardship of your financial well-being.

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