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Shepherd Financial Partners is an independent, full-service financial and wealth management practice. Our goal is to provide you with superior, comprehensive financial and wealth management services in the context of a personal, long-term commitment.
Shepherd Financial Partners is an independent, full-service financial and wealth management practice. Our goal is to provide you with superior, comprehensive financial and wealth management services in the context of a personal, long-term commitment.
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Life After
Divorce Saved

About This Project

Your divorce is final; now what?


Once your divorce is final, you will begin your “Life After Divorce”. We want to provide you with tips and practices to consider as you begin your new life.


Shepherd Financial Partners provides services for divorced individuals including wealth management, life planning, and divorce decree oversight. When you are ready for the next step, contact us to set up your free consultation.

Develop your Living Plan

You may have had an understanding of your financial picture prior to your divorce, but now, everything has changed. Consider working with a financial advisor to develop a post-divorce financial plan. A plan can go a long way to easing your uncertainties regarding your financial future and can jump-start your immediate planning and budgeting needs. At Shepherd Financial Partners, we work with you to develop a comprehensive financial plan called your Shepherd Living Plan. This process is a cornerstone of our service offering.  As a part of our relationship, we collaboratively review your goals, objectives, assets, earnings and expenditures to formulate your Living Plan. This plan becomes your personal guidebook to pursuing your financial and life goals. We work closely with you to implement the plan, monitor and track your progress, and keep it updated for any evolving goals or changes in your life. Call us today to help plan for your tomorrow.

Know what you have – and what you need

It is very important to know what assets you own, the value of those assets, and where they are held. This should cover everything from retirements to investments  to bank accounts, as well as future pensions and social security. Make copies of your and your spouse’s tax returns. These returns can help explain to a financial advisor a lot more than your income and taxes paid: they can help find assets, capital gains and losses, depreciation, and business expenses. The tax returns are also helpful in uncovering undisclosed assets.

Plan for tomorrow today

Plan for your children’s contingencies today to avoid going back to court annually. For instance, who will be paying for college? How much? What happens when the kids get to be drivers? Who will buy the car, paying for insurance, etc.? Who will pay for her prom dress or his tuxedo rental? Some of these items may seem trivial, but they can all lead to continuing litigation. Finally, make sure you and your children are covered by health insurance, and agree as to payment for the short and the long-term.

Understand your disposable income after divorce

After divorce, you may be receiving different types of income – employment earnings, spousal, or perhaps child support – some of which will probably be taxable. In the midst of support negotiations, you need to know how much you’ll actually be left with each month to understand the impact of a proposed settlement. To figure this out, you first need to separate the taxable and tax-free income amounts you will be receiving. Total all your taxable income, estimate and subtract the tax payable, and then add the tax-free income amount to the after-tax figure. Be aware that additional taxable income may move you to a different tax bracket, so be mindful of the tax rate you use. Compare your after-tax income to your expenses to create your new budget. If you’re not sure how to do this, get help from a financial professional. Calculating your net disposal income is critical to helping you budget and to understand your new financial reality after divorce.

Create A Strategy For Your Long Term Future
  1. Envision what your future looks like after divorce.
  2. Assess major expenses going forward like college tuition, retirement and long term care.
  3. Develop a plan with emphasis on retirement security, including specific actions and time frames.
Consider a Vocational Counselor

After divorce, everything changes. The career that once seemed fulfilling may no longer be satisfying. The job that once adequately cared for you and your entire family may no longer be adequate now that one household has become two. And, the stay-at-home mom who once was able to devote her entire attention to caring for her children on a full time basis may now consider entering the workforce for the first time in years. Facing these changes can be intimidating, but with the help of a vocational counselor, opening up new career possibilities post-divorce  may be less stressful than expected.


A vocational counselor or vocational expert is a professional who evaluates the employability of an individual by analyzing that individual’s abilities, interests, education, experience and other qualifications against the backdrop of the current job market.  Once this evaluation is complete, the vocational counselor will then assess what type of job the individual will most likely obtain or which career would be most suitable, and how much the individual can expect to earn. A vocational counselor can help newly divorced individuals rebuild and restructure their careers in a way that will better compliment their new lives.

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