R. Mark Shepherd

“It’s gratifying when a client realizes how well we understand and take to heart their situation and specific needs. They know we are here to help them navigate the best financial path based on our decades of experience in various situations, such as advice on a company’s leadership, insight on how family dynamics can affect decision making, and more. Through the delivery of a future-proof plan that takes care of them both today and in the future, clients know that the Shepherd team is a lifelong partner for managing change – by their side every step of the way.”

Mark founded Shepherd Financial Partners over 25 years ago out of a passion for serving families through successful transitions. He approaches life and work with a “live to give” mindset, which is the foundation for his family, firm, and client relationships.

Growing up, he watched his parents successfully build their own small business. However, over the years he also noticed that they weren’t thinking about a succession plan. As a result, when the time came, they struggled to agree and form a clear path to transition the business. Mark, then a member of KPMG’s tax group, took it upon himself to develop a reliable, future-proof and adaptable strategy that took into account the needs and challenges of both the present and the future of the business. Mark’s holistic plan was the guiding light for his parents to transition the company to its third generation – an especially crucial step as his mother found herself navigating new waters when his father began to struggle with Alzheimer’s.

The experience made Mark realize that the need for a multi-faceted financial team – not just one advisor – is crucial for comfortably navigating life’s transitions. He firmly believes that clients need a long term “Living Plan,” and he wanted to create a better experience for those seeking financial advice and wealth management. He took it upon himself to build a better approach at Shepherd – ensuring that clients are well taken care of by a full team of professionals with in-depth knowledge of all aspects of a client’s financial well-being. Mark’s vision has been realized by building the Shepherd Financial Partners team, all of whom specialize in serving clients through multiple facets of life’s transitions – whether business ownership, inheritance, divorce, or other life-altering situations – and delivers not only financial advice, but a relationship that spans generations.