A client journey designed around you.

Getting Started

The very first step to any relationship is to ask “Why?”

Why is this relationship desired? Why are you at this certain point and how did you get here? Understanding the “why” behind our clients’ financial goals is the basis for our lifelong relationships. We seek to understand your goals, values and motivations to deepen our relationship and provide advice specifically tailored around you and your life.


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Working Together

We start our engagement with you by conducting a thorough financial data gathering to understand and agree upon your current financial picture.

We will determine where you are today (the starting point), and how you arrived here (your financial journey to-date). Your dedicated team will then assess and analyze the data based on your individual goals, delivering your personalized Shepherd Living Plan.

With specific suggestions, strategies and tools to work toward your ideal financial goals, and a dedicated team to assist you with implementation, you will understand all facets of your strategy and feel more in control of your finances than ever before. Your Shepherd team will assist you with every step along the way of this new journey.

Monitoring and Adapting

We make a commitment to every client to not only provide recommendations but to also provide consistent advice and support throughout your financial lifecycle.

Our team is adaptive to your ever-changing situation, goals and needs. Life doesn’t sit still, and neither do we. Our process is highly iterative and adaptable to help you confidently approach any transition life presents.


Shepherd Financial Partners understands that your goals, values and legacy extend far beyond your own financial lifecycle.

We’ve been there – it’s how we got started. Whether transitioning to future generations, philanthropic endeavors, or the next in line for your company, your Shepherd team has developed a specialization and focus on transitioning your wealth in a way that follows and preserves your vision.